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Every ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ In America Has Just Been Vindicated…
Yes, the government can use your phone, your computer and even potentially your television to spy on what you are doing inside your own home.
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Yes, your smart TV really is spying on you: Leaked docs reveal CIA secretly turned Samsung TVs into microphones that spy on your conversations
For years Deep State insiders and others familiar with the federal government’s spy agencies have been sounding the alarm about the development of technology that enables constant, real-time electronic surveillance of anyone, anywhere, anytime (President Donald Trump, something to consider as you delve into who ordered it against you and why.)
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Uber can now track passengers' locations after they are dropped off even when the app is closed
Uber can now track their passengers' locations after they are dropped off and even when their app has been closed.
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The Election Has Been Hacked: The Dismal Reality of Having No Real Electoral Choices
“Free election of masters does not abolish the masters or the slaves.” ― Herbert Marcuse
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WATCH: Computer Programmer Testifies Under Oath He Coded Computers To Rig Elections
“It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.” – Joseph Stalin (allegedly)
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Next Tool Of Enslavement Coming From The Pulpits!
Many who have followed the writings on this site are all too familiar with how the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA have turned your pastor into an agent of the state. And as such, your pastor has been trained to invoke Romans 13 in order to enforce compliance with government edicts, no mater how draconian, in a time of national emergency.
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Soon you can pay for things with a selfie
Love 'em or hate 'em, selfies are here to stay; the word is even in the dictionary now. In fact, you'll find an increasing amount of hardware designed especially to help people take photos of themselves, from selfie sticks and personal photo drones to the unfortunate belfie sticks (for the ever-popular bottom photos) and even fake arms.
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Facebook Can Now Identify You in Pictures Even Without Your Face Showing
It’s highly likely your friends could spot you in a crowd, even if your face were obscured or your back turned. Rather eerily, a recent report revealed that your friends aren’t the only ones who can pick you out in a sea of people—Facebook can, too.
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Office puts chips under staff's skin
Want to gain entry to your office, get on a bus, or perhaps buy a sandwich? We're all getting used to swiping a card to do all these things. But at Epicenter, a new hi-tech office block in Sweden, they are trying a different approach - a chip under the skin.
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China unveils world's first facial recognition ATM
The new cash machine was developed by Tsinghua University, a research university in Beijing, and Tzekwan Technology, a Hangzhou-based company specialising in financial security protection, Chinese state media reported.
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As SHTF has previously noted, the likelihood of a forced RFID implant under the guise of a martial law pandemic emergency might be a little too obvious, as far as future tyranny goes.
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At the behest of President Barack Obama, the Federal Communications Commission voted this past Thursday, 3-2, on party lines, to impose FCC control over access to and charges by internet service providers. This is the beginning of the end of freedom over the internet. So-called net neutrality is not neutral at all, but is a regulatory schema that imposes federal oversight and control over what was but a moment ago the last remaining example of largely unfettered freedom and free enterprise left in the world.
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8 Things You Wouldn’t Think Are Spying On You, But Are
The next time you take a trip to the mall, make sure you give those mannequins a big smile. The surveillance industry’s latest recruit—joining the ranks of the Statue of Liberty, vending machines, Kinect, and a litany of other seemingly innocuous retail products—is store mannequins. The $245 billion dollar luxury goods industry currently avails itself of five companies in Europe and the U.S. that use the EyeSee polystyrene frame mannequins, whose eyes are equipped with police grade face-recognition cameras.
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Sex Robots Of The Future
Sex robots may very soon be part of normal life for many people. A pretty cool and equally creepy depiction of what a futuristic female ‘sex robot’ might look like on the inside was recently created by a French artist.


Banking Industry Report: We Are At A Biometric Tipping Point—Face, Hand, Voice Recognition To Allow Buying & Selling Via Blink Of An [666] Eye — Literally
The San Antonio financial services company has rolled out facial recognition technology across its entire membership base that lets them access its mobile app with a tap of their smartphone camera and a blink when prompted (to prove they’re a live person and not a photo). USAA is also giving members the option of logging in with a spoken phrase. This makes USAA the first major U.S. financial institution to deploy a full-scale rollout of voice and facial recognition. In an industry that has tried and failed to make biometric identification work for 50 years, USAA’s efforts could be a significant turning point. One key reason why is the immense popularity of the smartphone. Smartphone cameras let users employ their own hardware to capture their facial characteristics. Device identity also provides assurance that the smartphone belongs to the right customer.
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In Our Hyperconnected Future, Regulation Will Be Instant and Irresistible
Last week, a man crash landed his drone on the White House lawn. Evidently, the individual, a member of a US intelligence agency, had been drinking and was showing off his drone to a friend when he lost control of the craft.
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Don’t Wave: Hacker Uses Online Photos to Replicate Fingerprints, Bypass Biometric Security
If you think the biometric security on your phone or front door are enough to keep your personal information or belongings safe, think again.
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License Plate Reader Technology Looks At Faces
The leading suppler of automated license plate reader technology in the US (ALPR, also known as ANPR in Europe) is expanding its offerings to law enforcement. Vehicle owners have already had their movements tracked by the company Vigilant Solutions, which boasts 2 billion entries in its nationwide database, with 70 million additional license plate photographs being added each month. Now passengers can also be tracked if they hitch a ride with a friend and are photographed by a camera aimed at the front of the car. The Livermore, California-based firm recently announced expanded integration of facial recognition technology into its offerings.
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