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Florida Sheriff Implores Citizens to Practice 2nd Amendment: “This is War”
As radical Islamic jihadists around the globe continue their arduous push for global religious supremacy, their tactics have shifted immensely in the ensuing 15-plus years. September 11th’s heinous assault on America was a grandiose affair, rife with horror and a feeling of absolute inescapability. The sheer immensity of the attacks was enough to send many Americans into a panic, while others went immediately to work to ensure that something so heinous could never again occur on American soil.
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Public Schools Resort to Child Abuse to Further Anti-Gun Agenda
Several years ago, I would regularly share horror stories about innocent kids being abused by politically correct government school administrators who overreacted to anything remotely resembling a gun.
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Firearms Technology and the Original Meaning of the Second Amendment
Gun-control advocates often argue that gun-control laws must be more restrictive than the original meaning of the Second Amendment would allow, because modern firearms are so different from the firearms of the late 18th century. This argument is based on ignorance of the history of firearms. It is true that in 1791 the most common firearms were handguns or long guns that had to be reloaded after every shot. But it is not true that repeating arms, which can fire multiple times without reloading, were unimagined in 1791. To the contrary, repeating arms long predate the 1606 founding of the first English colony in America. As of 1791, repeating arms were available but expensive.
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Nashville Gunfighter Takes Out THREE Armed Robbers Single-Handedly
An unnamed person inside a Nashville (TN) sneaker shop went John Wick on three armed robbers last after they made the mistake of charging into the store with guns blazing.
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Thirteen states now honor the right to carry without a ‘permit’
In late February, New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu signed a bill abolishing the requirement that residents obtain a “permit” to carry a concealed handgun.
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In the below video, I sat down with John Sneisen to speak about the recent news out of North Dakota which has been both popular and controversial.
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Concealed Carrier Stops Stabbing At Topeka Walmart
Once again, it was a good guy with a concealed handgun that stepped in and saved a life, this time in the parking lot of a Topeka (KS) Walmart.
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Boom: Record 27 million guns bought in 2016
Driven by terror threats and a potential Hillary Clinton administration, sales of guns in America soared to record levels in 2016, according to the FBI.
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Nationwide Reciprocity Bill Introduced on First Day House Session
A group of 59 GOP representatives introduced a proposal — to allow the holder of a valid permit to carry a concealed handgun in any state — just after the body convened for its first session this week.
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Chicago Violence Worst In 20 Years: "Not Seen This Level Of Disrespect For Police Ever"
For months we've been writing about the staggering rise of violence in Chicago. As the year has worn on, the grim milestones have added up: the deadliest month in 23 years, the deadliest day in 13 years, 4,300 people shot...the list goes on and on. With five days left in 2016, official police records indicate that homicides in Chicago surged 57% YoY and shootings spiked 46%. To put those numbers into perspective, Chicago recorded over 20% more murders in 2016 than New York and Los Angeles combined, despite having a fraction of the population. Per the Chicago Tribune:
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Obama Bans Many Senior Citizens & Others from Buying Guns
Does being able to manage your own finances have anything to do with your right to purchase, own or use a gun? According to the new regulations finalized by Obama’s gun-hating administration it does.
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Gun Control: Hawglegs and Hawgwash
On the range. Interesting photo: The flash of a cheap camera caught the slide back, and what appears to be a smoke disk.
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NYT: Trump Actually Supports ‘Arming People to Defend Themselves in Gunfights’
On December 17, an astonished New York Times observed that President-elect Donald Trump actually supports “arming people to defend themselves in gunfights.”
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Student Suspended, Visited by Cops, Forced Psych Eval — For Pro 2nd Amendment School Project
Manville, NJ — Time out, lunch detention, and in-school suspension are all forms of discipline, among others, which teachers have employed to punish students for misbehavior. But after Frank Harvey, 17, a Manville, NJ, high school senior, completed a pro-2nd Amendment project, his school ordered him to get his head checked.
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What they’re talking about when they’re talking about Australia
Regular readers may recall I’m not a member of the National Rifle Association, because I strongly disagree with one of that organization’s most basic modern stances: that all existing “gun control” laws should be enforced.
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Biblical History Of Second Amendment!!
British statesman Edmund Burke cited the Suffolk Resolves as a major development in colonial animosity, which eventually led to the Declaration of Independence.

GOA to Fight Obama’s Lawless Decrees
On the presidential website, the President declared war on senior citizens, and on private individuals who, in some cases, sell as few as one firearm. Those are just the highlights. There is much more, and you can read additional analysis of the President’s imperial diktat here. But bottom line: Having failed to get gun control legislation passed in Congress, Obama is doing what he always does when he can’t get what he wants. He’s circumventing Congress and enacting “legislation” by executive fiat.

Gun Sales Set All Time Record
The FBI processed a record number of firearms-related background checks last year, indicating that more guns were sold in 2015 than in any previous year in American history. More than 23 million checks were processed through the National Instant Background Check System in 2015, an all-time record.

Chicago Gets Serious About Sky-High Murder Rate By Banning WESTERN COWGIRL PLAYSET, Other Toys
Amazon.com will not deliver a toy cowgirl playset to Chicago residents, apparently because of a municipal law in the city forbidding replica toy firearms.
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BREAKING: While Everyone Are Distracted Over The Elections, John Kerry Signs UN Gun Ban Treaty!
If U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has his way the United Nations will be able to say if Americans are allowed to have their Second Amendment rights. He signed an anti-gun treaty with the United Nations that the U.S. Senate has already said it is against.
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Gun sales hit 17th straight monthly record, up 27 percent
Gun sales hit the 17th consecutive monthly record in September according to FBI data released on Monday, and overall sales are up 27 percent compared to the same period last year.
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The best argument yet for concealed carry: Milwaukee Black Lives Matter rioters target white people for extreme violence... the police can no longer protect you in America's race war
(NaturalNews) Pardon the bluntness of this article, but it is now obvious that American society is breaking down into social chaos characterized by racially motivated black-on-white mob violence. As much as I have repeatedly called for peace and unity among all citizens to realize the TRUE enemy is a corrupt, criminal government, there are still sectors of society where so-called "Black Lives Matter" rioters have become de facto Black Power terrorists who are deliberately hunting down and targeting white people for beatdowns and murder. (See shocking video, below.)
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1950 to 2010: Not One Mass Public Shooting Where Citizens Could Be Armed
In his latest book, The War on Guns: Arming Yourself Against Gun Control Lies, John R. Lott Jr. points shows that from 1950 to 2010, not one mass public shooting took place in an area where citizens could arm themselves in self-defense.
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Obama Administration Seeks To Limit Gunsmiths In The US
Gunsmiths around the country say they were blindsided by President Obama’s latest executive order that would make their trade qualify as manufacturing and therefore eligible for all the mandated regulations and fees that go along with that classification.
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Federal appeals court rules Americans have no right to concealed carry in public
Americans have no constitutional right to carry concealed firearms outside the home, a federal appellate court ruled Thursday in a decision that immediately came under sharp criticism from Second Amendment advocates.
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“You don’t need 30 rounds to hunt! But the 2nd Amendment was not written in case deer turn against us.”
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Proposal: Take Away Guns From People Subject To Temporary Restraining Orders
two years after Connecticut passed one of the nation's toughest gun-control laws, advocates are pushing for a new bill that would allow the removal of guns and ammunition from a person subject to a temporary restraining order, without a hearing by a judge.
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In April Breitbart News reported the Senior District Judge Richard Matsch threw out a lawsuit filed by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence on behalf of the parents of Aurora shooting suspect James Holmes. The suit, filed against online ammo retailer Lucky Gunner and other outlets, sought monetary relief for ammunition and firearms supplies purchased by Holmes.

Idaho Governor Signs Permitless Carry into Law
Idaho Governor Butch Otter signed into law the state's permitless carry law on Friday afternoon. Permitless carry has been in the making in Idaho for nearly five years. SB138 will take effect July 1, 2016. The bill passed out of the House State Affairs Committee by a vote of 13-4 and then was later passed by the full House by a vote of 54-15. Finally, it passed the Idaho Senate with a 27-8 vote.

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